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     Given the various and at times, conflicting projects that must be accomplished on any given build, having adequate space designated by function is important in setting up a prop shop.  The prop shop must function as a wood and metal construction shop, costume shop, crafts shop, paint shop, graphics shop, floral shop, and on and on through all the various skill sets.  These areas do NOT function together and indeed may create havoc in the work processes if attempted in the same space at the same time.  Sawdust and fabric do not work well together.  Curing molds and castings can create irritating out-gases for artisans working on other projects.  Completed props stored for check-in can be damaged or become dirty if not protected from the building process.    

    Given the need to house so many different kinds of processes and product, the prop shop needs to be a flexible workspace allowing the show needs to be accommodated.  Defining the space to suit the required work is critical.  These spaces may be actual physically separate rooms or may be contained within one large shop divided into separate contained work areas.  The properties director's job of managing the spaces and directing the personnel is simplified if the areas are easily accessible or at least adjacent to each other.

    Defining work spaces allows project work to continue without creating overlap of space, tools, or product impact on other projects. Larger regional theatres have spaces that are divided into several types of activity. 


    These are known within the business as a “dirty” room, “clean” room, and additionally often a “crafts” room.  Smaller theatres may not have separate rooms for these activities but incorporate the work within one larger space utilizing temporary set-ups to create the same work environments.  Follow the links below to see more information on these specialty spaces or click on one of the theatre logos to your right to see a photo album of some prop shops set up using the multiple space approach .

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre prop shop

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